Infinity Fab Lab Website

I am currently working with the College of the Arts and the Infinity Fabrication Lab at the University of Florida to rebuild and update their website. I have already implemented an updated calendar/scheduling system which students can use to reserve lab equipment. This system improves on their old website by being more scalable as the lab grows, and easier for lab employees to manage in the back-end.

Future improvements include:

  • An automated 3D file upload flow. Students and clients will be able to upload 3D files which will automatically be priced according to volume and material. The file is then sent to a queue to be processed by a lab employee. Students will be able to track the progress of their print from beginning to end, and will receive an email when their printed model is ready to pick up at the lab.
  • A charging system that automatically calculates and charges students on their school accounts for lab materials costs. Formerly lab employees had to carefully format text files by hand and upload them to be processed by a UF server process. This system will take care of that busy-work.

Tools used: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ProcessWire API