Netgyre is a simulation and visualization of the waste generated by transport across the networked world. Taking formal inspiration from the “trash islands” generated by the confluence of garbage caught in the oceanic currents of the oceans, the garbage in Netgyre is a model of a trashcan that I 3D scanned, textured with images generated from dynamic webpages, which are in turn generated from the unique data obtained from each client who connects to the page. Every time someone visits the site, they contribute another unit of garbage to the simulation, adding one more set of calculations per second to the server running the simulation, generating that much more waste heat from the operation of the perpetual program, adding another several thousand bytes to the memory allocated, and thus the entropy generated, by the software. You can disconnect and look away, try to forget that it is there, but it is always spinning away in its networked virtual space. Built with threejs, nodejs, phantomjs and WebCamjs.