Net Art


Course Description

This course introduces the history and practical use of network and hypermedia technologies in an artistic context. You will not only study the development and structure of the Web in an historical and theoretical sense, but also gain practical experience working with markup and scripting languages to use the internet as a creative medium. Class time will consist of workshop-style lessons on techniques, as well as discussions of weekly readings. Homework will involve theoretical and historical readings each week, and projects in which you will create, appropriate and transform the web for art. The class assumes minimal previous programming experience, and simply asks that you be curious, energetic, rigorous and willing to try new things.


Develop an understanding of the internet as technology, media and infrastructure. Build a critical and theoretical awareness of hypermedia and its history. Practice creative techniques to work productively with web technologies. Become familiar with the role and use of computer languages on the internet. Use markup and scripting languages to build rich, interactive hypermedia artworks Integrate research practices in the development of complex, social, interactive and mediated artwork.

Course Components

As a student in this class, you are expected to:

  • Participate eagerly in class discussions.
  • Read the readings before class each week, and write down your thoughts and notes in the class wiki.
  • Be attentive and work diligently during lessons.
  • Turn in your projects on time and through the appropriate channels.
  • Attend class every class period.
    Week 1
  • Introductions
  • Hypermedia and the Internet - definitions
  • How to work with code.
    Week 2
  • History of the Internet - Part 1
  • HTML - Basic Tags
    Week 3
  • History of the Internet - Part 2
  • HTML - Layout
    Week 4
  • Internet infrastructure
  • CSS Basics
  • Project 1 Due - Basic Portfolio Page
    Week 5
  • Hypermedia, and E-literature
  • HTML, CSS and Responsive Design
    Week 6
  • Network theory Part 1
  • JavaScript Introduction:
  • Markup vs. Scripting languages
  • basic syntax, variables
    Week 7
  • Network Theory Part 2
  • JavaScript: functions
    Week 8
  • HTML, CSS and JS Exam
  • Project 2 Due - Narrative
    Week 9
  • Social Media Part 1
  • JavaScript: control flow
    Week 10
  • Social Media Part 2
  • JavaScript: objects, arrays
    Week 11
  • Posthuman Part 1
  • JavaScript: timing, interactivity, the DOM.
    Week 12
  • Posthuman Part 2
  • Project 3 Due - Non-linear
    Week 13
  • Final Project Proposals
  • JavaScript: libraries, JQuery
    Week 14
  • Work on final project
  • The Server
    Week 15
  • Work on final project
    Week 16
  • Final Project Critique