Mastercopy (Mount Moran)

Master Copy (Mount Moran) is a collaboration with Penelope Umbrico. I extracted the Google Earth topographic data for the geo-location of Ansel Adams’ photograph, The Tetons and Snake River, to create a 3D model of Mount Moran pictured in it. Here, the ancient stable form of the mountain, first captured as a singular monument in a photograph (a process which begins with natural light), moves in multiple iterations through infinitely reproducible and distributable code on the web (the manufactured light of pixel; 3D model), to end with the image of Mount Moran on Google Earth as an independent object through the 3D printing of its associated image data. Penelope and I suggest an equivalency here - if the individual photographers were once the masters of how we viewed the natural world, for better or for worse, we now view the world through a master Google lens. Taken from monumental earth through digital code, the mountain ends in reconstituted earth again - a small ceramic specter of a mountain.